Friday, July 24, 2015

15 signs you're an incurable film buff

1. You plan your social and work life around movie releases; it's near impossible for anyone to see you on a Friday evening because you're at a movie theater.

watching movies alone in theatre

2. You've seen a movie all by yourself (many times!) on theater.

3. You HATE to miss the beginning...

hate to miss movie beginning

4. The only kind of marathon you know or have ever participated or championed is a movie marathon! (How many movies have you seen back to back? Tell me in the comments below. Let's see who makes a record!) 

movie marathon film buff

5. You google every film (good or bad) after watching and read every review out there!

google every film afer watching

6. You could punch someone in the face (without a hint of guilt) for talking over the phone in a theater.

talking on phone in theatre

7. You're a walking film encyclopedia.

8. You can manage to manoeuvre every conversation towards films and throw in film trivia that lesser interested souls can't care less about. 

film trivia
9. If you meet someone who is obsessed with the same movies as you, she/he becomes your BFF instantly.

movie lovers
[Source: Cosmopolitan UK]
10. If you love an actor or director, you make a list of all their films and ensure you watch each one of them.

11. Offbeat or mainstream, action or romance, classic or animated - you dig all kinds of films.

12. Netflix knows more about your likes and dislikes than your loved ones.

netflix knows all about your likes and dslikes

13. If one of your favorite movies is on TV, you HAVE to finish the movie no matter where you started. 

enjoying movie on tv
14. You regularly quote lines spoken by fictional characters in real life, and get disappointed when people don't get the reference.

15. Who let the kids out? As much as we all love them, we know they're best left at home!

kids should not be allowed in theaters

I'm sure there are many more. So, over to you! Let's keep the list going in the comments below.

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