Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015)

Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 is a contemporary take on relationships and will go down becoming another cult hit in this genre. High on comedy (and profanities, which could have been done without!), almost every dialogue, every situation, has you in splits. It's better than Part 1. You can totally pick it up again and have as much good time as in the first viewing.

All our three characters - Gogo (Kartik Aaryan), Chauka (Sunny Singh Nijjar), Thakur (Omkar Kapoor), leave an impact but the standout performance was Chauka. Brilliant timings! Be it his didi tera deewana dance or his little victory dance in the initial scenes, every time his girl shows interest or his harpic dialogue and even just his expressions, he takes the cake in this one. 

The three female characters are totally believably portrayed except Neha and her equally annoying gang of friends, in some parts. 

Like Rajjo's monologue in Part 1, which became an anthem of sorts for the men tormented in love, there's another equally awesome monologue this time, much longer and entertaining.

The scene just before the interval imitating the 'smoking kills' ad is epic. 

It follows the template of a typical Bollywood film, with situational songs thrown in (mostly boring and unnecessary) but that's a minor aberration.

After the hit prequel, this was much awaited and so worth it. Go watch it if you still haven't!

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