Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tamasha (2015) - Review

Imtiaz does it with every film. Breaking stereotypes. He may have picked a theme we've seen many times before but his experimental streak comes forth in the treatment of the narrative and his protagonist Ved's (Ranbir Kapoor) transformation in the process.

I can't laud Imtiaz enough for the way he wrote the character and Ranbir for the way he brought it alive. Amidst all the eccentricity that Ranbir appears swathed in, he was really the only normal character in the film. Aren't we all fighting the same demons within, while cloaking the bitter, brooding reality?

In a scene where he's popped a customary 'How are you?' out of courtesy, he comes back with genuine angst. That scene and countless others bring out Ranbir's talent and prove he was irreplaceable for the part. Tara (Deepika Padukone), who is more sorted and evolved adeptly supports Ved in this journey but her part is thinly sketched and is a mere plot device to bring out Ved's character. But I can live with that because Tamasha, even though a love story in the broader sense, was essentially Ved's story. Everything else, from the backdrop to the characters were created around him. To tell his story.

A.R. Rahman's music adds soul to the film. The album is a delicious mix of a variety of tunes, from the cheerful and foot-tapping to the sentimental and evocative, with something for everyone. My personal favorite was a song (I don't know the words) in the second half which played very briefly, apparently sung by Rahman (?).

In Tamasha, I saw flashes of Highway in how both films were about the principal character's journey of exploration and self-discovery. And like Highway, Tamasha is not a mere film, it's an experience. Probably, Imtiaz's best. And my most favorite of 2015! 

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