Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Force Has Awakened, A New Star War Has Begun

By Carbon Green

Star Wars Episode VII – Old Order Changeth….to Restore The Force!

The Intrigue and the Thrill return to let the Force reign.

The galaxy which is Far Away has taken a turn towards the worse after the annihilation of the Galactic Empire while side lining Han Solo, Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia. W
hile Luke goes into hibernation, a blood thirsty First Order has now replaced the condemned Empire with the des pot General Hux (who will make Tughlaq look like a kindergarten pupil) and the all powerful, tri-lightsaber wielding Kylo Ren who is on an oath to erase the entire Jedi Tribe to go one up on Darth Vader!

The stage is thus set and we will be waiting for the Jedi’s appearance. Thinking who will it be…Is it Luke or Anakin's long lost son whom we don’t know yet as a twist! Then the plot turns its head on itself and moves in amazing & gripping pace with three new unsung heroes striking out on their own. This is where the Episode 7 becomes different and keeps a firm grip from there on since it becomes unpredictable. This film is unique even though it's the seventh film in a 38-year-old franchise - because it springs new surprises on you while keeping in line with the legacy of Star Wars.

All the famed heroes of the franchise are very cleverly and sparingly used so they don’t over shadow the new comers. The plot constantly keeps reminding us of the trilogy like the quintessential Droids, Planet smashing Energy plants, the usual cantina which is full of intergalactic alien characters having a good tipsy time, a cute and extra smart alien with a direct contact communicator to the Force...and so much more!

The movie takes you on a galactic spin where the characters' each and every actions have realistic outcomes and counter actions. The plot grows on you gradually, effortlessly igniting the three decade old dormant plot to full action mode with a dramatized straight loop, making you forget about our own galaxy and planet earth for 2 hour and 10 minutes of its run time! Aged Han Solo has visible wear and tear on self but is still as sharp with his famed one liners. Acrobatic space fights and chases look fresh and different from the earlier franchise while they also maintain continuity. The filmmaker's craftsmanship and love-fueled hard work is evident as every scene and frame looks and feels like it is all important to the storyline of this film, and future instalments.

The movie effortlessly passes on the old guard of the empire to the new..while keeping many lines open for the new episodes to unveil. It also makes sure it is the NEW Star Wars while shifting the gears with consummate ease from Gen X of 30 years ago to GEN Z of present day with a chilling ISIS type of an assault on a alien village in absolute brutality. The good guys have shades of good, and the bad guys have shades of bad - as the battle for the Force begins in this war of Light versus Dark.

Episode 7 is as grand and as superb as you want it to be. Go watch it…in 3D. Its worth a Dekho. 4.5 on 5 for Star Wars Fans. 4 on 5 for first-time watchers. (The difference of .5 will apply if you have not watched the entire series till date!)

(About the Author: Media & Clean Energy Promotions Practitioner by profession. Wanderer by choice. Hard Core Sci Fi / Adventure movie geek. Occult science and paranormal activity study enthusiast. Political right winger by stance. Sworn undying love to Absolut, Old Monk, Single Malt & Absinthe in that order! Keeps futilely thinking will we ever find the formula to attain 100 light years per hour kind of speed within this millennium. Staunch believer in Murphy’s Law)

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