Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fitoor (2016) - Review

A young orphan of modest upbringing Noor is charmed by a frosty, snobbish Firdaus, daughter of heiress Begum Hazrat (Tabu), the first time he sees her. His fondness for her deepens as they begin to see each other more often. 

He is aware of their differences but little does he know the frequent meetings wont last. In a few days, Firdaus is sent to London. He's heartbroken. The mother is well aware of what's brewing. Encouraged by her mother to become worthy enough to have her, Noor keeps himself immersed in work. Years later when they meet again, Noor knows he's in love with Firdaus. Love, that will soon turn into an obsession. But will he have her?

Every frame of Fitoor is a piece of art. Set in the majestic backdrop of Kashmir, it subliminally captures every bit of its beauty. From the scale, to the setting, the cinematography, the music, the film scores in all departments. Alas, the love story, which is at the core of this film, turns out its weakest link. I never quite felt for the characters. There's no chemistry between the leads. Aditya manages to get by in most scenes but still needs to brush up his acting skills. Katrina's accent kept coming in the way. She looks impeccably stunning, but that's that. Tabu leads this film out and out. She's what kept me hooked till the last and is remarkable in her final act. Aditi Rao Hydari is convincing in a small role but the dubbing became an irritant. Child actor Mohammed Abrar is brilliant as the young Noor. I wish I got to see more of him.

Fitoor has a story to tell but fails to emotionally connect with the viewer. Watch this, if only for Tabu and the scenic Kashmir.

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