Thursday, July 7, 2016

Delhi student's short film screened at Cannes 2016

Lubdhak Chatterjee's directorial debut "In A Free State" was screened at this year's prestigious Cannes Film Festival. It was one of the 32 Indian films to make it to the non-competition Short Films Corner at the fest.

"In a Free State" is a 28-min multilingual film which revolves around our notion and perception of freedom and free will. The 24-year old student tells us what inspired him to make the film.

"The narrative delineates the experience of the two protagonists — an aspiring filmmaker and a painter whose choices face hindrance being antagonistic to prevalent social norms and customs.

My focus was on the mindscape of the protagonists rather than any narrative twists and turns as it is the mind which I find to be fascinating. We construct our individual notion of realities as we can simultaneously traverse across entire temporal spectrum. Add to that by not succumbing to the idea of representation, I wanted the audience to deconstruct the film in their own way. It's their freedom as well.

The theme of 'free will' is often described as a paradox. However it is tough to figure out one particular reason why I decided to work on this project. It's an integration of various discrete moments and incidents which you go through... the experiences linger on in your mind as a part of memory and impact you profoundly. Add to that, my belief that this theme is universal and people can relate to it with its idiosyncrasies."

Watch this space for the trailer.

Lubdhak Chatterjee is an Mtech student pursuing Masters in Electronics and Communication at the Delhi Technological University.

Here are the other 31 Indian films screened at the fest:
1)  Son Of Kali - Director: Amit Agarwal
2) Doom - Director: Preeti Singh
3) Ulat Palat - Director: Sandeep Sarkar
4) Mount Of Excellence - Director: Shivajee Chandrabhushan
5) Aletheia - Director: Nithin Muraleedharan
6) Asmad - Director: Prabhjit Dhamija
7) La Lune Folle - Director: Meneka Das
8) The Garland - Director: Kaushik Roy
9) Gudiya - Director: Mohit Pal
10) Elixir - Director: Anirban Guha
11) Cum Iulia Meridiem - Director: Abhiroop Basu
12) Paragasparsha - Director: Prasanna Kodapadi
13) Bhagavathykaavile Papikal - Director: Krishnand R.K
14) Changing Lanes - Director: Aniruddha Chatterjee
15) Saubala - Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay
16) Khawaish - The Desire - Director: Harleen Singh
17) Neri Piraizh - Director: Karthik Siva
18) Kathputli - Director: Rajat Agarwal
19) Extra Time - Director: Ramkrishna  Karande
20) The Kill - Director: Anay Tarnekar
21) Generation Hope - Director: Charles Kinnane
22) Khajaou - Director: Vikrant Nigam
23) The Silent Statue - Director: Lal Vijay Shahdeo
24) Safed Kabootar - Director: Arnab Mishra
25) Crescendo - Director: Pranav Adarsh
26) Garbage - Director: Anand Prakash
27) Ankahee Baatein - Director: Manav Bhinder
28) Adieu - Director: Moumita Mondal
29) Rice Bowl - Director: Nitin Shingal
30) The Web - Director: Durba Sahay
31) Lost - Director: Namratpal Singh Basra

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